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crystal clear resolution

While we had to make do with standard definition broadcast that offered 576 vertical lines and 720 horizontal pixels, creating an image with about 4 lakh on your screen, HD packs a punch with 20 lakh pixels with 1080 vertical lines and 1920 horizontal pixels giving you 5 times the picture quality, incredibly vivid colors and more.

wide aspect ratio

Since the human eye is better equipped to see a picture horizontally rather vertically, HD with its horizontal ration of 16:9 as compared enhances viewing pleasures. The 16:9 aspect ratio also enables the viewers to see a larger –picture than ever before.

surround sound

An HD feed gives life to 5.1 channels of multi-track audio. HD gives you the best television experience with pin sharp cinema style sound that puts you at the center of action even from the confines of your home.

available on

  • channel 35 - hd

  • channel 935 - hd

  • channel 169 - hd

  • channel 218 - hd